Hello, my name is


I am aGrowth Marketer / Automation Expert

With 11+ years of experience in marketing & development, I'm a rare breed - or perhaps - "hybrid".  Passionate about helping SaaS companies and tech startups level up their marketing game. ⚡️


I wear multiple hats, and sometimes, a cape. 🦸‍♂️

  • 11 + Years of Experience
  • 285+ Completed Projects
Growth Hacker
I’ve worked with 100+ companies, big and small.

What I Do

my Services

Workflow Automation

Turn your work into workflows. Unified integrations built with robust apps & platforms.


Growth marketing

Drive 10x more traffic, leads and opportunities to your website using battle-tested growth marketing techniques.

Conversion & Analytics

Unlock your peak marketing performance using data-driven CRO strategies.



Professional Skills

my Talent
Growth Strategy

With more than 11+ years of experience in scaling growth for SaaS and tech brands, I've a knack for creating rock-solid growth marketing strategies.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Deep understanding of behavioural psychology and data-analytics allows me to run A/B experiments with high statistical confidence.

Marketing Automation

Built highly sophisticated, fully automated workflows on platforms like Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, PipeDrive, & more.

Web Design & Development

Experience in working with modern web development platforms like Webflow & WordPress to build high-converting landing pages.

No Code Development

Designed automations and apps using low-code/no-code tools like Zapier, make (Integromat), Airtable, Glide, Softr, Stacker, etc.

Analytics & Reporting

Have worked on both client-side (Google Analytics) and server-side analytics (Mixpanel) strategy/implementation projects. 



my Tech-stack

Over the course of 12+ years, I’ve mastered the art of making apps talk to each other. Let’s just say that if you can dream it, I can build it.



my Case-Studies
Analytics, Growth Hacking
Driving 10x Growth using Facebook Ads: Packt

Learn how I helped Packt, a popular UK-based publishing company, boost their newsletter sign-ups using Facebook Ads. 🚀

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Analytics, Automation
Community-Driven User Acquisition Funnel: Clutch.io

Explore the community-based listening & engagement strategy that I used to increase sign-ups for a low-code platform. 🌱

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Growth Hacking, No Code Dev
Designing Marketing & Ops Workflows: RandomDots

Read how I designed and implemented no-code workflows to automate sales & operational activities for a virtual events startup ✨

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Analytics, Automation, CRO
Marketing Automation & CRM Development: Zopto

An in-depth case study on how I automated sales & marketing workflows for a leading LinkedIn automation B2B SaaS startup. 🪄

See project


my Story
Professional Experience
2016 -- Present

Built a smart home marketplace that's ranked #1 in India (SEO ranking). From developing the technical stack, installing the hardware devices to laying down the content plan, I've juggled every possible business process. 

Javascript/Python Developer
Tata Consultancy Services
Oct 2013 - Dec 2014

Worked as a Java developer & Business analytics intern for TCS -- India's largest IT services and consulting company. Developed applications and web-services for a leading Dutch bank, and also got awarded for building advanced automation tools.

Bachelors in Computer Engineering
BVM College, India
2009 - 2013

Studied computer engineering concepts and advanced programming languages in one of the top-ranked colleges in Gujarat. Attained bachelor's degree with 7.77 CGPA.

Freelance Experience
Growth Specialist - Zopto
2021 - Present

Worked as a Growth Specialist for one of the most popular LinkedIn Automation B2B SaaS software.  

  • Identified gaps in the sales & marketing funnel, and provided actionable insights on how to improve conversions. 
  • Implemented lifecycle email campaigns (using Mailchimp & Hubspot) to boost customer retention and maximise LTV. 
  • Built automations/workflows on Hubspot, Zapier and make.com to streamline sales & marketing processes.
Growth Marketer - Packt
January 2022 - August 2022

Worked as a Growth Marketer for Packt.com — a leading publisher of programming books and courses. Helped them achieve 200% MoM growth in customer acquisition. 

  • Conceptualised and built high-performing ad funnels for Facebook & Instagram.
  • Developed conversion-optimised landing pages for the ad-campaigns using Webflow/WordPress.
  • Researched and developed a high-impact SEO strategy.
  • Delivered 6x improvement in RoAS over a span of three months.
Fractional CMO - Feelwrite
Dec 2021 - Aug 2022

Worked as a fractional CMO for a seed-stage mental health SaaS startup. 

  • Built a cohesive marketing strategy for customer acquisition & retention. 
  • Collaborated with the development team on product-led growth initiatives.
  • Designed a competitive inbound & outbound SEO strategic plan
  • Used social listening & competitive research tools to extract insights about ICPs, and fine-tune product roadmap.
Growth Hacker - Clutch
Jul 2021 - Apr 2022

Worked as a growth hacker/community manager for a Visual Product Creation SaaS platform.  

  • Identified large creator communities that are easy to access and receptive towards solutions like Clutch for building front-ends (Shopify, WordPress, Tailwind, Bootstrap, etc...)
  • Joined these communities, talking to people, determining what they would need to see to become fanatic about Clutch
  • Advised creator team on the communities they should target and the "kits" they should build to be attractive to the community
  • Setup partnerships with these communities and doing co-marketing
    - sponsoring communities or placing paid ads where applicable
  • Pushed kits within communities in an organic way, following community guidelines and ensuring to preserve our brand image (no spamming)
  • Created a dashboard that tracks results for continuous improvement
Growth Hacker - Singularity University
Singularity University
Jul 2017 - May 2018

Implemented core content marketing strategies to increase signups for a Silicon Valley think tank, and business incubator. Singularity University is located in NASA Research Park, and has been backed by companies like Google and Deloitte.

  • Drafting takeaway documents, landing-page copies, social-media posts, etc. for EOA sessions
  • Brainstorming on influencer marketing and growth-hacking strategies
  • Co-ordinating with business and design teams, and providing insights on improving user engagement
Expert Product Writer - Vesternet
Jul 2015 - Feb 2016

Conceptualized and designed product-specific content and descriptions for U.K's #1 online home automation store. The content, combined with visually appealing graphics, boosted engagement and took the website to around 990k pageviews/month.

  • Collaborated with technical and marketing teams for drafting product descriptions
  • Used HTML/CSS & Javascript to design and style various pages
  • Repackaged technical information into marketing takeaways
  • Rewrote most of the content on the website, and optimised it for organic searches
  • Worked with backend systems like Magento, BrightPearl, WordPress, etc.


what my clients say
Marek Didák

"If talking about tool automation, sales funnels or digital marketing, choose Abhi and you will not make a mistake. His willingness to help, great communication and fantastic level of experience make from him number one choice. If you're looking for anybody helping you with digital marketing, look no more."

Marek Didák
CEO, .out of spacetime
Nicola Snell

"Abhi has excellent technical knowledge on a variety of email marketing and automation tools. In just 6 weeks, he was able to boost our email campaign's response rate by 23% and increase our average open-rates by 44%. His unique quality is his ability to understand marketing workflows with a dev-mindset."

Nicola Snell
Director, PressLoft
Shawn Wenner

"The BEST out there, period! Abhi is such a professional with incredible knowledge. We hired to setup automations between Kajabi, Mailchimp and Zapier and he helped us through quickly and efficiently. He is SO INCREDIBLY knowledgeable. He is now our go-to for all things automation."

Shawn Wenner
President, PastryArts Magazine
Zach Tsakiris

"Describing Abhi as a great resource would be an understatement. Abhi did a complete build-out of our financial firm's digital platform at did it with utter perfection. He was extremely responsive all throughout the way and was always willing to make needed changes. We will continue to work with Abhi on our current business and all projects in the future."

Zach Tsakiris
CEO, Alexander Financial Group
Kartikey Pandey

"It was such a pleasure to work with Abhi. He has excellent paid ads and digital marketing experience and knowledge.
Abhi is very proactive and worked super hard to manage our requirements. I wish him the best."

Kind Regards,

Kartikey Pandey
Growth Manager, Packt
Marc Astbury

"I worked with Abhi last year to build automation systems for my startup. Together, we were able to create a process that drastically reduced manual work by me and my teammates. Abhi is not just able to think in terms of systems but also able to switch perspectives and understand a user journey. I recommend working with Abhi to anyone who is looking for quality and diligent work. "

Marc Astbury
Co-founder, RandomDots
Raphael De Ry

"Abhi delivers effective solutions and improvements with dedication and in a timely manner. It is a pleasure to brainstorm and work with him. His expertise opened up new fields of growth in our operations. We now consider Abhi as a member of our team and highly recommend him."

Raphael De Ry
CEO, Allcot
Nishtha Mehta

"Abhi is an exceptional operator in his field! We have worked on a number of tech platform co-creation/ web development missions in the past 3+ years and his biggest strength has been to be able to think beyond the given brief - into the why's and why not's, helping me craft the actual output expectation way better than I had imagined. Very happy to recommend Abhi."

Nishtha Mehta
CEO, CollabCentral
Cas Van Oort

"Abhi has helped me create my LinkedIn automation project using airtable and phantombuster. He has done a great job, with good communication, and quick work. Would highly recommend him!"

Cas Van Oort
CEO, RGP Project
Brandon Richard-Austin

"Abhi is undoubtedly a professional when it comes to email marketing. He can also communicate his knowledge very well, which really came in handy for this project as we hired him to educate our internal team. I won't hesitate to work with Abhi again"

Brandon Richard-Austin
Marketing Specialist, BuildMediaGroup
Amara Abara
"Abhi is one of the most talented freelancers I've had the pleasure of collaborating with on Upwork. He's very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to get the job done."
Amara Abara
CEO Conversion Central
Chai Bade

"Abhi is an amazing person and knows what he's doing. Great to work with He communicates very well and goes above and beyond to get stuff done. Highly recommend."

Chai Bade
CEO, Swezo
Hans Lambert Pedersen

"I worked with Abhi a few years ago and it was a pleasure. Abhi is driven, hard working and dedicated.

Would love to work with Abhi moving forward."

Hans Lambert Pedersen
Founder, Stoked
Sandor Fagyal

"Abhi. I enjoyed working with you and look forward to working with you again."

Sandor Fagyal
CEO, Pets4u
Al Leong

"Amazing work. Would surely work again!"

Al Leong
CMO, Genuino NFT
Anih Jain

"Great work will work again soon!"

Anih Jain
CEO, Blockseed


$ 95 per hour

Best if you want to get strategic advice on growth or fix small issues with your automation or no-code workflows.

Rated ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ by 100+ entrepreneurs. 

  • Available via Google Meet or Zoom
  • Unlimited requests
  • Pay in 30/60 minutes time-block
$ 799 Per Week

Best if you need on-demand marketing & no-code development services, without the hassle of training & retaining a full-time employee.


💰 Save 70% costs with a weekly retainer. 

  • Unlimited Requests
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 1 task per project at a time
$ 4,995 Per Month

Best if you’re a lean SaaS startup or tech business, and need a fractional CMO that can provide a profitable marketing roadmap.


⚡️ 82.55% Cheaper than a Full-Time Hire.*

  • Strategic planning & execution
  • Priority Support
  • 3 tasks per project at a time


Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time employee?

Great question!

While a full-time employee can offer benefits such as high commitment and availability, working with a freelancer like myself can provide you with unique advantages, such as: 

Cost savings: You can hire me for as low as $799/week, which is 70% lower than the median developer salary in the US (7+ years experience).

Specialised skills: You get access to a unique skill-set in growth hacking, marketing automation, and web development, all combined into one, which is very hard to find. 🙂

Time savings: You'll be able to complete more projects in less time. Plus, no added costs and complexities of onboarding a new employee.

Additionally, my experience working with a variety of clients and projects allows me to bring a fresh perspective and build innovative solutions for your business problems.

What do you mean by unlimited requests and revisions?

Unlimited requests & revisions means that you get the freedom to request as many changes or revisions as needed to ensure your project meets your expectations. As a consultant, I am committed to working with you until you are 100% satisfied with the end result.

What if I only have a single request?

That's completely fine as well.

You can start the engagement with a weekly or monthly plan, and pause your subscription when you're finished with the request, and come back when you've additional requirements. :)

Which no-code tools & platforms do you work with?

I work with a variety of no-code tools and platforms to help businesses automate their core internal processes. 

Here are the some popular no-code platforms that I work with:

Automation: Zapier, make.com (fmr. integromat), AirtableData management: Airtable, Google Sheets, Notion, Supabase Web apps: Glide Studio, Stacker, Softr, Pory HQ.Web development: Webflow, Unbounce, CarrdCRM: Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, PipeDrive, Copper CRM, Zoho CRMEmail marketing: Klaviyo, Mailchimp, GetResponse, Drip, lemlistAnalytics: MixPanel, Google Data StudioCommunication: Intercom, Slack, Discord, TelegramProject Management: monday.com, Clickup, Trello, Asana, etc.Payment processors: Stripe, PayPal, RazorPayInvoicing Tools: Xero, Zoho Books

What type of growth hacking & marketing automation projects have you worked on?

I have worked on a wide range of growth hacking and marketing automation projects, which includes:

Automated cold email outreach (Apollo.io/lemlist)Automated LinkedIn prospecting (Phantombuster/make.com/Airtable)Gamified CRO experiments (Google Optimise/Unbounce)Lifecycle email campaigns (Customer.io)Fully automated sales funnels (ActiveCampaign/GetResponse)Community-driven user acquisition (Howitzer/sproutsocial)

You can read all the case-studies here.

Can I get a time/cost estimate for my project before signing up?

Yes, absolutely! I understand that as a potential client, you may have questions about the cost and timeline of your project before committing to my services. That's why I offer initial consultation to discuss your project and provide you with a detailed estimate of the time and cost involved.

Note: Please note that the estimate may be subject to change depending on the complexity of the project or any additional requests made during the course of our work together. 

Why are your rates higher than other freelancers?

"When you hire a professional, you pay a lot now. When you hire an amateur, you pay a lot later."

I'm a growth marketer and automation expert with 12+ years of experience under my belt. I've invested a lot of time and effort in honing my skills and expertise, and I'm committed to delivering the highest quality service and results to my clients. 

I know my rates may be higher than some other freelancers, but I believe they reflect the value and benefits of my services. :)

Are there any refunds if I don't like your services?

As a freelance consultant, I take pride in delivering high-quality work, which is why I offer an unlimited revisions policy.

However, in an unfortunate scenario, where we decide to not work together, you can simply pause or cancel your subscription. You'll be refunded on a pro-rata basis for the remaining period, but note that I'll be unable to offer a full refund, if I've already invested my time & expertise into your project. 

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